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Vecho - Automata Alarm

Interaction Design

The good sleep quality depends on four important elements: sleeping more time while in bed (at least 85% of the total time), falling asleep in 30 minutes or less, waking up no more than once per night, and being awake for 20 minutes or less after initially falling asleep. The bad sleep quality will lead to many serious events, such as if you had bad sleep last night, you will be late today and you will not have a good condition for a new day, so you will have much more pressure and bad sleep again and again... It is a vicious circle.


This project deals with bad sleep quality and aims to create an interactive solution to prevent being late for school. This is a frequent situation in the morning at school, some students are late but some are not if a teacher starts class on time, the tardy student will not catch up the class; if teacher waits for late students, it is not fair to other students. There are some of products and guide to help people to improve sleep quality and not to be late in the morning.

For example, the Rocket Alarm, wake you up through creative missions and Sense can improve your sleep quality…

In this project, I focus on creating an interactive solution.

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