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Get Rid of The Cup

Interaction Design

#Master of Interaction Design Graduation Design Work

Master of Design (Interaction) Achievement Award

"Food is a peace industry."

"I am not selling instant noodles. I am offering customers time."

                                                                                                - Momofuku Ando (Inventor of Instant Noodles)


While instant noodles were born in Japan, they have now integrated into the diets of many different countries and have taken root in as instant noodles of their own. Here are you can see how people enjoy instant noodles. (World Instant Noodles Association) 


This project is aiming to solve the environmental issue of the cup of Cup Noodle through a campaign called Get Rid of The Cup. The motivation of this campaign is to encourage people to bring lunch box or using the recycled cup in the pop-up Cup Noodle cooking vending machine. These actions will support protecting the environment. 


Nissin (cup noodles) makes its cups from Styrofoam, a material offers good insulation properties that keep products cold or hot and keeps things safe during the shipping process without adding weight. (Kinhal, 2018) Styrofoam is non-recycled and usually ends up in landfills, where it sits forever or is sent into our environment as litter when rain seeps through the ground.


Even though some companies’ corporate social responsibility departments are investigating into recyclable packaging, not all countries are prone to having a good recycling culture. Such as South Korea and Taiwan, use the environmentally friendly recycling strategies that force households to sort out the trash before disposal (Lau, 2017).


# Environmental friendly

# Automatically cooking

# Vending machine


Based on the research, I want to create a new instant noodles cup or a new way (combine the cooker and vending machine) to eat instant noodles that can elevate or minimise the problems above.

Target User

Based on the research and user interview before, the target user of this project is the people who are usually busy in their daily life because of the work. 


The market and user research show young adult is the main consumer of Cup Noodle, so that the target age group is between 22 to 28 years old. 


Asian is the big market of Cup Noodles. Chinese is the top one of consuming Cup Noodle, so that the target area is Hangzhou which is the famous city in China. 

User Journey
Preliminary Design

As a Campaign


1. Primary promotion - social media 

1.1 How serious the environment is because of the Cup Noodle’s cup which made from Styrofoam. 

1.2 Promote what is the campaign aiming for. 

1.3 Promote there will be cooking vending machine pop-up in the office building.

1.4 Promote the time and location, ask users to join in.


2. Pop-up machine

How to use: 

2.1 Screen: Sign in with the social media account

2.2 Cook: 

     a. Insert lunch box or choose recycle cup 

     b. Use the handle to activate the conveyor belt and cup will move to next stage

     c. Choose the ingredients and shake the handle again to next stage

     d. Use the handle to warm the water

     e. Shake the handle and take the cup of noodle

     f. Finish the noodle flatten the cup 

*In each step, the screen will show how many digital trees you get


2.3 Screen: Show final numbers of digital trees you get and sync the data to your social media account


#Bring your own lunch box today!

#Using recycled cup today!

#Save 0.0001% of a tree today!




The motivation of this campaign is to encourage people bring lunch box or using recycled cup
in the pop-up Cup Noodle cooking vending machine. These actions will support protecting environment. 




Through this campaign, let more and more people pay attention to the Cup Noodle’s cup is non-biodegradable and harmful to environment. Improve people’s environmental awareness through encouraging or educating them do not use or purchase styrofoam cup.

The Campaign Poster

2018 Get Rid of The Cup Campaign


This is the promotional poster for this campaign. The content includes the current situation of the consumption of Cup Noodle and the environmental issue because of the Cup Noodle’s cup that was made from styrofoam; promoting the campaign, which is aiming to reduce the use of styrofoam cups and improve consumer’s environmental awareness to reduce pollution.


The campaign has a series of posters. The posters have four colours and every poster uses contrast colours. The four colours represent the main colour modes of this campaign.