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Interaction Design

#Team work with BOYING FU and YIAN ZHANG

“If public transport services were improved, more people would use
 the safer system There is no reason why Melbourne can’t do this.”

                                                                                                                                 - Professor Martin Mogridge

Field Overview

Public transport is a necessary element in daily life. In the busy city like Melbourne, it also means about dealing efficiently and more sustainably with traffic congestion. Therefore, the safety of the public transport in Victoria has become more and more important. Only when the transport being 100% safe, people can choose to use them 24 hours 7 days.


Public transport is not gender- neutral. Women’s safety problems in public transport is over the world. The differences between men and women in travel patterns in relation to trip purpose, frequency, and distance of travel. These differences stem from the differences in the social and economic roles. More than 2/3 of trips made by men are for work, compared to only 1/2 of trips made by women. In contrast, almost 1/3 of trips made by women are for household chores while only 1/8 of men’s trips relate to household responsibilities. Yet women’s safety is most often overlooked. However, the research about male facing violence problem also exist, but it is seldom be reported.


From the research, we seldom saw the data about men’s safety problem. In this project, we are willing to focus on the environment on the public transport by using interactive technologies to improve the users’ feeling about safety. It might not directly remind people about safety, but improve the services of public transport to make the passenger feel comfortable. Also, this project may focus on the problems of male’s violence in public transport.

Target User

Based on the research before, the target user of this project is the people who often use the public transport in their daily life. This project is not only targeting the violence passenger or reasonable passenger on the train because this is not only one side thing to build the safety in public transport.

Violence Passengers

One of the target users of this project is the violent passengers. Some of them may only have impulsive violence activities due to the stress after a long day tired work. So this project regards this kind of people as a target user to create the comfortable environment. In the meantime, for those who have the criminal record and might hurt others, the whole train should have enough function of educating, which can decrease those activities and change their emotion.

Reasonable Passengers

Reasonable passengers is also an important part to improve the safety in the public transport Victoria. The environment of the public transport should make them feel comfortable, so they will be confident enough to take more public transport in their daily life. Also, when the emergency situation happens, even they are not the victims, they still need to reach for those situations. So the emergency signal will be emphasised and let the police to react quicker.