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Photorealistic Images

3D Modeling

I really like hand making, so I have collected many stationaries and small tools. In a sunny afternoon, when I came back home, I took off my watch and put it on the desk at will. And then I made a coffee, it smelt good. The sunshine went through the window and lighted up my desk.
I picked a piece of thick paper and used the punch to make a hole, and put it at the front of a dark red file pocket. Made the string that close file pocket goes through the hole of paper. Wrote the file name “Design File“ on the paper. A little sign of file finished.

The main four objects are black punch, yellow vintage stapler, blue dot liner hold and Daniel Wellington watch with black watch band. They have different materials and surfaces. I want to restore them 100%, include their materials and colours. And also the real scene of the group of these objects.

Scene 1:

- Close angle
- Focus on objects


- Sunlight
- Environment lighting

Scene 2:

- Full environment

- Whole scene
- Background
- Extensibility


- Daylight
- Environment lighting

- Yellow warm light

3D model scene - Lights

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