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In general, we are hard to see the marine organism in the normal zoo or aquarium. And if your city has an advanced aquarium, the price should be expensive even it has a student discount. This project which called AR for Education - Marine organism Study will use AR technology to show hundreds of marine animals in 3D on your phone screen when you scan the special marine organism book (or paper card) which can download from our website.


Main purpose: Less time, more knowledge


AR for Education - Marine organism Study can solve the problem that people do not need to spend a long time or spend money to go to the aquarium but use this app to learn marine organism anytime anywhere. And you can save the information about marine animals, when you want to learn and see again, just open this app.​


1. Download the AR for Education - Marine organism Study;

2. Download the Marine Organism paper card from through the app or shop the actual paper cards online;

3. Open the app and press scan;

4. After scanning, the 3D marine animals will pop up on the screen with a small label that their name and they will move as they live in the ocean. (simulate the same environment as the ocean)

5. There are two main button on the top of the screen - “Restart” / “Information”, press the “Information”, it will pull down a window with the basic information of this specific animal.

6. After experience the first one marine animal, press “Restart” and scan next page or card.

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